Sentry Bot

Sentry Bot
Sentry Bot.jpg
Race Robot
Affiliation n/a
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:
Enclave Sentry Bot
Outcast Sentry Bot

Sentry Bots were a military robot that was commissioned before the Great War. They are the strongest robots found within the Capital Wasteland.

Sentry Bots can take a large amount of damage from Small Guns and Energy Weapons. Sentry bots have the same health as a Deathclaw, but unlike a Deathclaw they have no weak points and take no extra damage from head shots. They take even less damage to any shots at the legs. Using a Pulse Grenade will destroy them in one hit. Shooting its combat inhibitor will send it into the frenzied state, anything in its sight.

Its weaponry consists of a Minigun and Missile Launcher.

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