Race Robot
Affiliation Mr. House
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas
Drops Scrap Metal, Sensor Module, Energy Cell:

Securitrons are a type of robot that appears in Fallout: New Vegas. They move on a single wheel and have a television for a face. Victor and Jane are the only two named Securitrons in the game. Victor rescues the Courier from death in the Goodsprings Cemetery and takes him to the nearby town, Goodsprings.

Securitrons are not hostile to the player unless they are shot at, or if any of the terminals in the Lucky 38 Casino are accessed. They are armed with mini gatling lasers, a semi automatic machine gun, and after they are upgraded using The Platinum Chip their main weapon becomes shoulder mounted missile launchers. Also, when the securitrons are upgraded, the face on their screen changes from the face of a police officer to the face of a military man.

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