Searching for Cheryl

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Searching for Cheryl
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Location(s) L'Enfant South
Received by Finding the burial mound
Reward(s) Bad Karma

Cantelli's room key

Related Quests n/a

Searching for Cheryl is a side-quest that the player is given access to after finding one of the various burial mounds.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] The Search Party

The player will learn that a search party was organized to find a woman named Cheryl. The player learns that she was the sister of the search party leader. It is up to the player to find the four Search Party Logs of the search party.

[edit] Log #1

The player will find the first log in a burial mound in L'Enfant South. To find the log, turn right after exiting the metro station. The mound is in front of the last house on the right-hand side of the street.

[edit] Log #2

The first Log mentions the Ranger Compound. The player must travel there and access the terminal. The terminal can be hacked, although it is of the very hard difficulty. Alternatively, if the player has already completed the Reilly's Rangers quest, you can ask Reilly to unlock it.

[edit] Log #3

In the second Log, there is mention of "Western Ruins." These ruins are located to the north of the Potomac Bridge, below a raider camp. To find this camp, travel to Dukov's Place and travel south. Between the camp and the bridge is the location of the mound.

[edit] Log #4

The final Log is northwest of the Sewer Waystation. Head towards a billboard that say "Corvega." If the player has completed the Waters of Life quest, the billboard will have an Enclave poster. The mound is near a fence to the left of the billboard.

[edit] Locate Manny

Southwest of the Jury Street Metro Station the player can find a group of Super Mutants near a wrecked train. If the player opens the shopping carts and removes the Teddy, a Super Mutant Behemoth will appear. Although this may take a while as he must first run towards your position from a distance. Inside the Super Mutant camp the player can find the body of the Search Party leader, Manny Koch.

[edit] The Reward

The player can find a Mini Nuke on the Behemoth as well as any of the various loot acquired during the side-quest.

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