Scientific Pursuits

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Scientific Pursuits
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Location(s) Rivet City
Received by Dr. Li
Reward(s) Fathers location
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Scientific Pursuits is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After Three Dog tells you what he knows about you father, head to Rivet City to talk to your fathers old work colleague Dr. Madison Li.

[edit] Rivet City

If you haven't already found Rivet City then the safest way to get there is by fast-traveling to the Super-Duper Mart, then head south, down the Potomac River until you reach the Jefferson Memorial, then turn east and keep going until you see the huge ship known as Rivet City. If you follow the west bank of the Potomac river, you should avoid most of the combat. You should follow the east bank if your looking to bash some Super Mutant skulls. You can also take the official route which is marked on your Pip-Boy. This route involves lots of confusing Metro Tunnels and tons of Enemies.

When you finally get to Rivet City, you'll notice there's no bridge to let you gain access to the ship. Follow the bank opposite the ship until you see a Caravan Merchant standing next to a large metal construct, climb up the construct and speak to the inter-com at the top, a guard will connect the bridge, walk across and enter Rivet City.

[edit] Doctor Li

Dr. Li in the Rivet City Science Lab

Follow your map marker to the Rivet City Science Lab which is located on both the upper and middle decks of the ship. There you'll find Dr. Li, who tells you that she used to work with your father before you were born on something called Project Purity and that your father wants to revive it. She also tells you that you father headed to the Jefferson Memorial, which is where Project Purity is located.

If you took the Potomac River route to get to Rivet City, the Jefferson Memorial should have appeared on your map as a discovered location, meaning you can fast-travel straight to the gift shop door at the back. If you took the Metro route you'll have to walk to the memorial, it's not a long walk but it's crawling with Super Mutants.

[edit] Jefferson Memorial

After entering the Jefferson Memorial, there will be around half a dozen Super Mutants to clear out, then head for a door next to a sign saying Rotunda. Enter the Rotunda and head up the stairs towards the controls, there are 3 holodisks from your father on the controls, in one of them he mentions that he's heading to Vault 112.

Listening to that holodisk will mark Vault 112's location on the far west of your map. Head out towards Vault 112 which is actually called Smith Casey's Garage according to your map. Enter the garage and kill a few Mole Rats and Radroaches then head into the back room and find a button on the wall, press it and it will open a secret tunnel leading to Vault 112's entrance.

[edit] Vault 112

After entering Vault 112, a Robobrain will welcome you (and tell you that you're 202.3 years late), it will give you a Vault 112 Jumpsuit which you'll need to be wearing to start the next quest. After you've got your jumpsuit head down to the bottom level of the vault where you'll find the Tranquility Lab, then sit down in the spare tranquility lounger to complete the quest and start Tranquility Lane.

[edit] Shortcuts

  • If you head straight to the Jefferson Memorial and pick up the holodisks before talking to Dr. Li in Rivet City, the quest will start from there, meaning you only have to travel to Vault 112 to complete the quest.
  • You can also skip this quest completely by heading straight for Vault 112. The quest will start when you discover the vault and it will end when you enter the Tranquility Lounger

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