Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat

Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat
Wonder Meat Maker.png
Location(s) Jury St. Station
Received by n/a
Reward(s) Mole Rat Wonder Meat
Ability to make more wonder meat
Related Quests n/a

Ryan Brigg's Mole Rat Wonder Meat is a unmarked quest in Fallout 3. It can be obtained at Jury St. Station. Ryan Brigg is a hostile NPC that gained control of a Raider faction in this metro. He was experimenting and trying to make Mole Rat Meat more tasty.

Upon reaching Ryan Briggs, he will attack you. Once Ryan is killed the player has the option of using his Wonder Meat Maker to make Mole Rat Wonder Meat, a new and more delectable type of mole rat meat. To make this special meat you need one bottle of Wonderglue and a piece of mole rat meat.

[edit] Notes

  • A bottle of wonderglue and a piece of mole rat meat only create one piece of Mole Rat Wonder Meat.
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