Ryan Brigg


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Ryan Brigg
Ryan Brigg.JPG
Race Human
Affiliation Raider's
Location Jury Street Metro Station
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Wasteland Surgeon Outfit
Bandanna Weapons:
Combat Shotgun

Ryan Brigg is a scientist and doctor in the Jury Street Metro Station. He managed to become the leader of a large Raider group.

[edit] Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat

Main Article: Ryan Brigg's Wonder Meat

According to his notes and his terminal, Ryan Briggs managed to become the head of a large raider group. After this, he started conducting experiments on Mole Rat Meat. After 173 tries he managed to get rid of the bitter taste of mole rat meat with Wonderglue, and create Mole Rat Wonder Meat.

[edit] Notes

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