The entrance to Rockopolis

[edit] Background

Rockopolis was, at one point, one of the safest places in the capital wasteland. Rockopolis was a settlement under the ground, not unlike the Vaults, but lacked the sophistication. Rockopolis operated underneath the feudal code, and was ruled by a man named King Crag. Rockopolis only recently met it's demise due a mistake by a foolish man named Herbert "Daring" Dashwood. He unknowingly led the Black Widow, the leader of the slavers, to the peaceful, hidden settlement. The slavers then proceeded to raid Rockopolis, killing everyone and enslaving the survivors. Rockopolis has since then became inaccessable, due to a cave in in the entrance chamber.

[edit] Location

Rockopolos' location on the World Map
Rockopolis is a hidden area that is not marked on your map upon discovery. Rockopolis is due directly west of Smith Casey's Garage, and due south east of the Yao Guai Tunnels.

Rockopolis was kept hidden underneath a large boulder with a stream of flags hanging overhead, and originally required a secret knock to enter; however, after Rockopolis' demise, the Lone Wanderer is free to enter by activating the boulder like any other door.

[edit] Loot and other Goodies

  • Unarmed Bobblehead in the back near the body of a ghoul named Argyle
  • A letter to a slaver about the siege of Rockopolis
  • Argyle's body, the ghoul manservant belonging to Herbert Daring Dashwood, who now resides in Tenpenny Tower.

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