Race Robot
Affiliation Masterbrain
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Energy Cells
Scrap Metal

Robobrain's are robots commonly found throughout the Wastes. All of their memory and data are stored inside an organic brain that is encased within a shell on top of the robotic body. They were created for use within the U.S. Army. Due to their human brains, they are superior to most other robotic enemies.

General Atomics claimed that the brains were from chimpanzees, but some human brains were used. These were taken from convicts and those deemed clinically insane. Due to the medical technologies from before the Great War, the brains were able to survive 200 years after the war ended.

The Robobrains found within the Capital Wasteland have been programmed with a feminine voice. Although they have brains, many appear to be unable to control their actions. This may be to pre-programmed protocols.

Robobrains use a version of Laser Pistol during combat and are especially accurate. They are considered a moderate threat, as head shots do extra damage. They are nowhere near as powerful as a Mister Gutsy or Sentry Bot.

The accuracy of a Robobrain dwindles as the player moves closer towards it. If the combat inhibitor is destroyed, it will send the robot into a frenzied state.

Robobrains are capable of firing a psionic beam, that will cripple the players head if it connects. This lowers the players accuracy and causes -4 Perception

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