Rivet City

Rivet City
Rivet City 2.jpg
Location South-East Washington
Council Leaders Dr. Li


Main Locals Abraham Washington

Dr. Zimmer

Other Locals Mei Wong
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Capitol Preservation Society

Science Lab

Related Quests Stealing Independence

The Replicated Man
The Wasteland Survival Guide
Head of State

Rivet City is based within a large aircraft carrier that managed to avoid any major damage during the Great War. It's located in the far south-east of the map, close to the Jefferson Memorial. It holds the largest community of humans within the Capital Wasteland and one of the best defenses to hold back enemies. The City includes a fully working Laboratory, a thriving Marketplace and a well organized Security Team and Ruling Council. There are three floors within the ship, the Upper Deck, Middle Deck and Lower Deck, the citizens that live on each deck are separated depending on wealth and importance.

The Rivet City security team is led by an Android called Harkness, during the night his duties will be passed over to his second in command Lana Danvers. The security team are equipped with the Rivet City Security Uniform, which is a black variation of Combat Armor. All of the default guards are also equipped with a 10mm SMG, Lana is equipped with a Combat Shotgun and Harkness has a unique Plasma Rifle called A3-21's Plasma Rifle.

The Science Lab is led by Dr. Li. Her team are researching a way to make fresh fruit and vegetables that are free of any Radiation. Dr. Li is joined by a few of the scientists that originally worked on Project Purity, the science lab was set up after the project was abandoned.

The Marketplace is one of the best places in the Capital Wasteland to buy and trade merchandise. Weapons and Ammunition can be purchased from Flak and Shrapnel's store, Armor and Clothing can be purchased from Bannon at Potomac Attire, Chems and Medicine can be purchased from Cindy Cantelli at A Quick Fix and then there's the Rivet City Supply, run by Seagrave Holmes which sells a little bit of everything.

The History of Rivet City is that people began settling in the rest of the ship after more scientists moved to the lab here. Pinkerton was one of the founding scientists, when Dr. Li came he decided he couldn't work with her and left. After people began moving here traders and mercenaries came here to make a living.

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