Rip Smithy

Rip Smithy
Rip Smithy.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation Plik
Location Coastal Grotto
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Rip Smithy is a participant in Plik's Safari. He will aid you and Jacob Humboldt against various amounts of Feral Ghouls, Swamp Ghouls and Glowing Ones.

Although Rip wears very good protection, he will likely die due to the large number of Feral Ghouls that flood the area.

If the player decides to kill Rip, he will have a finger on his corpse.

In the unlikely event that Rip actually survives the engagement, he will claim that he deserves credit for "Saving your life" even though without the player's help he would have been mauled to death.

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