Rescue from Paradise

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Rescue from Paradise
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Location(s) Little Lamplight
Received by Mayor MacCready
Reward(s) Entry into Little Lamplight
Related Quests Strictly Business

Rescue from Paradise is a Fallout 3 side-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

When you first enter Little Lamplight you'll be stopped by Mayor MacCready who will refuse to let you in. If you complete a Speech check or if you have the Child at Heart perk this quest can be skipped and you'll move straight on to Finding the Garden of Eden. In order to gain access to Little Lamplight, MacCready wants you to rescue three kids who were taken by the Slavers at Paradise Falls.

[edit] Paradise Falls

If you haven't already gained access to Paradise Falls, you can do so by agreeing to capture slaves as part of the Strictly Business quest, paying Grouse 500 Caps or by having really bad Karma.

[edit] Unlocking the Gate

Once inside head to the slave pens at the back and talk to Sammy and Squirrel. They need you to unlock the gate and distract the guard. There are two ways to unlock the gate, you can activate a terminal in Eulogy's Pad next to a table with a Charisma Bobblehead, you will need a Science skill of 50 to activate the terminal. The second way is to rewire the junction box in the food bar opposite Eulogy's Pad, you will need a Repair skill of 40 to activate the junction box.

[edit] Distracting Forty

Your next objective is to distract Forty to make sure he's away from the slave pen. There are many ways of doing this:

  • You can convince him to just walk away.
  • You can kill him which will turn the whole town hostile.
  • You can use the Mesmetron on Forty which will cause the entire town to attack him.
  • You can either convince or pay Crimson to seduce Forty.
  • You can use a Speech check to convince Forty that Eulogy isn't paying him enough, this will cause him to confront Eulogy and leave the pen.

[edit] Saving Penny

The three child slaves at Paradise Falls

As soon as the gate is unlocked and the guard is gone, Sqirrel and Sammy are ready to leave, but the other kid in the slave pen called Penny refuses to leave until you save her friend Rory Maclaren from The Box. With a high enough Speech skill you can convince Penny to leave without him or you can convince Sammy and Squirrel to leave without Penny. If you decide to help Rory, you will need a key to The Box which can be found on Forty or Eulogy Jones. Once you unlock the box, you'll see that Rory is an adult and won't fit through the sewer pipes like the other kids, you'll have to get him out through the main gate in front of all the slavers.

The easiest way to get Penny to leave is to free Rory from the box and tell him to run for it, then go back to Penny and tell her Rory is safe, but in reality Rory will likely run straight through Paradise Falls and be gunned down. A more difficult strategy is to gun down every slaver in Paradise Falls so that Rory can escape without harm.

Once the kids have escaped they'll meet you outside Paradise Falls and thank you before heading back to Little Lamplight.

[edit] Buying the Kids

You can finish this quest early by talking to Eulogy and agreeing to buy all three kids for 2000 Caps, with a Speech check that price can be lowered to 1200 Caps. If you pay the money the kids will meet you at the main gate. Simply walk outside and talk to Squirrel to complete the quest.

[edit] All Guns Blazing

Another way to complete the quest is to simply kill every slaver in Paradise Falls, get the slave pen key from Forty and free the kids.

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