The Repair skill affects how well you can repair weapons and armor. To repair things you need at least 2 of the same weapon or armor so you can repair one with parts from the other. The maximum condition you can repair an item to depends on your repair skill. For example if you have a repair skill of 60 you can't repair your weapons or armor to more than 60% of it's full condition. A higher repair skill also slows down the speed in which your weapons or armor degrade making them more efficient for longer.

Another great bonus for having a high repair skill is looting weapons off enemies, and fixing them to full condition, then selling them for a high price. This is very handy with weapons such as the Minigun which are commonly found on Super Mutant Brutes and can be sold for a few hundred Caps at full condition (depending on your Barter skill).

[edit] Increasing Repair skill

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