Race Human
Affiliation Reilly's Rangers
Location Underworld

Ranger Compound

Appearances Fallout 3
Drops n/a

Reilly is the leader of the Reilly's Rangers. She is apparently of Irish descent due to her first name, Reilly, and her hair color. The badge of the Rangers shows a four leaf clover with dual swords.

[edit] Reilly's Rangers

Main Article: Reilly's Rangers

She can be found in The Chop Shop, inside the Underworld. She is unconscious and is recovering after being in a massive fire fight involving many Super Mutants and the other members of Reilly's Rangers. The player has the option of reviving Reily yourself if you have a Medicine skill of 60+. If not, you can alternatively ask Doctor Barrows to waken her through a Speech check.

When awoken, she tells the player to find the rest of the Rangers and bring them back safely. This is the beginning of the Reilly's Rangers Quest. After the completion of this quest, she rewards the player with either Ranger Battle Armor or Eugene, a unique Minigun.

[edit] Geomapping with Reilly

Main Article: Geomapping with Reilly

After the Reilly's Rangers Quest, you can find her at the Ranger Compound. She will offer the player the chance to earn caps by finding new locations. If you agree, you can return after visiting new areas and receive a certain amount of caps. You can immediately gain the caps for the areas you've already discovered.

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