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Race Ghoul
Affiliation Courier
Location Black Mountain
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas
Drops Items:

Petro-Chico Jumpsuit
Unknown Rifle

Raul is a ghoul mechanic that is being held hostage by the insane Super Mutant, Tabitha, in Fallout: New Vegas. She captured Raul two years before the Courier was left for dead in desert. Raul was taken to the "State of Utolbitha" to help fix Tabithas favorite robot.

Raul is a potential follower in Fallout: New Vegas. When the Courier arrives in Black Mountain the player will have to free Raul from Black Mountain (most likely through a quest) and escort him to a sage town like Goodsprings. The karma requirement for Raul is unknown.

Instead of wearing a RobCo Jumpsuit, like most mechanics do in the Fallout Universe, Raul is wearing a Petro-Chico Jumpsuit. Petro-Chico could be a new company.

He was most likely hispanic before he mutated.

[edit] Finding Raul

Raul is at the top of Black Mountain, locked behind a locked door that requires hacking a Very Hard computer. Beside the computer is another computer which contains 6 journal entries written by Raul. Read the 6th entry and you'll get the password to unlock the Very Hard terminal without hacking it at all (though you lose the XP from hacking it).

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