Rad Away

Rad Away
Rad Away.png
Addiction Rate None
Effects -85 Radiation
Weight 1
Value 20

Rad Away is a drug in Fallout 3 which is fairly common throughout the Capital Wasteland. It's very useful, each pack removes 85 points of radiation. Most doctors will have a supply for the player to purchase. It is impossible to become addicted to Rad Away in Fallout 3 (unlike in previous instalments). The drug looks similar in appearance to Blood Packs.

[edit] The Outcast Collection Agent

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An easy way to obtain Rad Away is to trade technology to the Brotherhood Outcasts leader Henry Casdin, found at Fort Independence.

[edit] This Old House

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Another way to obtain Rad Away is to trade 5 pieces of Scrap Metal to Winthrop in the Underworld.

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