Pulowski Preservation Shelter

Pulowski Preservation Shelter
Pulowski Preservation Shelter.png
Appearance Fallout 3

The Pulowski Preservation Shelters are a group of small lead lined box's that were created to house one person if a nuclear holocaust ever happened in the United States.

[edit] History

These preservation shelters were provided as a cheap alternative to the Vaults and their locations are scattered around Capital Wasteland. Due to their last-minute nature, anyone who entered a shelter would only be provided with what is on their person, meaning that they would eventually die of starvation.

[edit] Uses in Fallout 3

A majority of the shelters are empty, but two have a special uses in the game. The first is in Paradise Falls, where The Box is used to punish slaves. The second is used in Those!, when Bryan Wilks hides in one while Lone Wanderer finds the source of the fire ants.

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