Protecting the Water Way

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Protecting the Water Way
Protecting the Water Way.jpg
Location(s) Rivet City

Wilhelm's Wharf

Received by Scribe Bigsley
Reward(s) 300 XP

Enclave Power Armor
Enclave Power Helmet
Gatling Laser
Plasma Pistol

Related Quests Holy Water

Protecting the Water Way is a side-quest that the player is given access to after speaking with Scribe Bigsley.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Investigate The Attacks

Scribe Bigsley will ask the player to investigate the recent attacks on the Aqua Pura caravans. He will tell the player to speak with Officer Lepelletier in Rivet City to learn more about the attacks.

[edit] Speak With Officer Lepelletier

Officer Lepelletier is found near the Rivet City entrance the second level. She will inform the player that a water caravan destined for Canterbury Commons has just left the Jefferson Memorial. She asks you to intercept the caravan and travel with it in order to determine who is behind the attacks. She asks you to regroup with Officer Davis and Officer Lorin whom are guarding the caravan. The player can pass a Speech check to gain a Plasma Rifle and some Microfusion Cells.

[edit] Meet Officers Davis And Lorin

The player will need to follow the river to reach the caravan, just as it is being ambushed. The ambush point is under the bridge between the Citadel and D.C Ruins. If the player is fast enough, they may be able to save the two guards, but the caravan driver will always die.

The player will then need to search the bodies of the attackers to find a holotape entitled "New Meeting Place" from their leader Split Jack. The holotape instructs the attackers to group at Wilhelm's Wharf.

[edit] Dealing With Split Jack

The player has two options when dealing with Split Jack. The player can do one of the following:

  • Speak with Split Jack (using the password "Mirelurk Stew") and pass a Speech check that will convince him that the attacks are pointless and that he should give up. Doing this will likely cause Split Jack to kill Grandma Sparkle outright.
  • Asking to join the gang will prompt Split Jack to give you a Metal Helmet and Metal Armor. After equipping the items, Split Jack will tell you to sit down and wait for the other members to arrive. However, it is likely that the "other members" were the attackers you killed earlier. The player can then challenge Split Jack for leadership of the gang. He will offer to fight the player in melee combat, offering you one of three weapons; a Lead Pipe, Combat Knife or Nail Board. As long as you kill him with one of these weapons the other members will not get involved. After defeating Split Jack, a bandit will approach you and tell you that while they don't want a new leader, you should speak with Officer Lepelletier about "protection money."

[edit] Return To Officer Lepelletier

If the player decided not to side with the bandits, Officer Lepelletier will thank the player. She will claim to be unable to reward, but tells you to speak with Scribe Bigsley. He will give the player the following items as a reward

The quest will then end.

If the player decided to join the gang and then killed Split Jack, you will have two options. These are only available if you speak with the gang members before returning to Officer Lepelletier. The player can extort Lepelletier for 500 caps immediately after passing a Speech check promising that the attacks will end. You can state that you want 500 now and 500 later, but she will not give you any more than 500 caps. Choosing this option will cause the gang members to attack you if you return, calling you a traitor.

The second option is a weekly "protection fee". Choosing this will allow the player to return to the bandits periodically to receive 200 caps for the rest of the game.

Either option will end the quest. Choosing any of the evil options will cause Officer Lepelletier to claim that she will kill you if you ever speak with her again. Talking with her will then prompt her to attack you.

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