Professor Calvert

Professor Calvert
Professor Calvert.jpg
Race Human Brain
Affiliation N/A
Location St. Aubin Medical Facility
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Professor Calvert is a character found in Point Lookout. He was a member of the Calvert family before the Great War. He survived the War by removing his brain in his Underground Lab - St. Aubin Medical Facility using experimental Robobrain technologies. This has allowed him to not only survive the 200 years following the War, but also gave him psychological powers. He is able to communicate with people telepathically.

He has a long-term rivalry with Desmond, spanning many years. The feud started sometime before the bombs were dropped in October 2077.

Professor Calbert used his telepathic powers to create the illusion that he is a God of the local Tribal people. He appears to them through holographic images. He uses the Tribals to do his bidding, although because they revere him a a God, he is wishes are often misunderstood. This greatly infuriates him.

When the player arrives in Point Lookout, Professor Calvert ordered the Tribals to kill Desmond and destroy Calvert Mansion. However, thanks to the players actions, both are saved.

After Desmond asks the player to place a device on top of the Ferris Wheel that prevents Professor Calvert's psychological powers. Before it can be placed, he asks the player telepathically not to place the device and instead kill Desmond. It is the players choice to proceed with this order.

No matter which decision the player takes, you are forced to kill Professor Calvert at the end of the A Meeting of the Minds quest. In doing so, the player saves Point Lookout, the people of the Wasteland and perhaps other locations too.

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