Private Beckett

Private Beckett
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Location Mothership Zeta
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Private Beckett is a character the player encounters during the course of the Mothership Zeta DLC. He was part of Elliot Tercorien's squad during the U.S. Anchorage campaign against the Chinese communist invaders. Beckett, along with Tercorien and Sergeant Daniels were abducted while investigating a call for aid by one of their fellow squad-mates.

After being abducted, Beckett was placed in cryo-sleep, along with Daniels. During the Among the Stars quest, the player can revive both Beckett and Daniels if the player has Elliot in your party. The player must first allow Elliot to restore his memory or else he will engage Sergeant Daniels in a fight to the death.

Private Beckett wears the Winterized Medic Armor and the Winterized Medic Helmet. After being revived by the player, Elliot will give Beckett and Sergeant Daniels a Chinese Assault Rifle each.

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