President Eden

President Eden
President Eden.jpg
Race Robot
Affiliation Colonel Autumn
Location Raven Rock
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



President John Henry Eden was the president of the Enclave from 2242-2278. After assuming power over the Enclave, he relocated them to the East Coast base, Raven Rock.

President Eden is actually a ZAX super computer found inside Raven Rock that has access to data of all previous United States Presidents and American history. The only person with knowledge of Eden being an AI was Colonel Autumn.

Eden began life as a monitoring system inside Raven Rock and gradually became self-aware. He then began studying the archives of the United States government, especially those of previous Presidents.

Upon meeting President Eden, he presents the option of placing a modified FEV inside the Purifier. Through a Speech check, the player is able to convince Eden to self-destruct. Doing so completely destroys Raven Rock. Another option is to initiate the self-destruct sequence yourself.

During the players time at Raven Rock, Colonel Autumn betrays Eden, forcing him to employ Sentry Bots and Turrets upon Autum's Enclave soldiers.

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