Powder Gangs


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Powder Gangs
Founder(s): Criminals
Leader(s): Unknown
Location(s): Across the West
New Vegas

The Powder Gangs are a large faction of criminals that operate in the west. They were originally set to appear in Van Buren, but they are now in Fallout: New Vegas.

[edit] Backround

Note that this information is based on Van Buren and may be changed during FoNV

Another faction named the NCR was going to expand their rule east, but they needed to build railways and other transportation to carry goods and ammunition to small towns under the NCR's control. The leader of the NCR at that time decided to use freed criminals to do the labor. The NCR paid these criminals small amounts of caps to transport goods and create the railways.

The NCR had a small recession and didn't have enough money to pay the workers. So the criminals revolted and blasted railways and and trade caravans with blasting powder. These criminals are the powder gangers.

They are most likely going to be hostile towards th NCR.

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