Point Lookout

Point Lookout

Point Lookout is the fourth downloadable content pack released the Xbox 360, the PC and the PS3. It was released on the 23rd June 2009 and costs 800 MS points on the Xbox 360. It was released for the PS3 on October 8, 2009 along with Mothership Zeta.


[edit] Overview

Point Lookout is based on the Point Lookout State Park in Maryland. It's the most open-ended DLC pack released so far, it's about one fifth the size of the Capital Wasteland and has over 25 new locations to discover. Point Lookout is described as a forgotten land, it wasn't directly hit by the bombs during the great war but the radiation and other effects from the bombs have transformed it into a swampland.

[edit] Plot

After downloading the DLC a message will appear on your screen informing you that a ferry called the Duchess Gambit has docked at the Riverboat Landing in the Capital Wasteland and is looking to take tourists to Point Lookout where they can seek riches. Once you arrive at the Riverboat Landing you'll have to pay 300 Caps to Tobar who owns the ferry, he'll tell you that people travel to Point Lookout looking to loot riches from a forgotten part of the world.

Upon arrival you'll see an old mansion with smoke coming from the roof, Tobar will mention that you should check it out. Inside the mansion you'll find a Ghoul named Desmond who needs your help to fight off a hoard of local Tribals, who have attacked his mansion without reason. After helping Desmond, he makes it your job to find out the reason behind this peaceful tribe's attack.

[edit] Main Quests

Name Location Given by Reward Achievement points Image
The Local Flavor Riverboat Landing

Calvert Mansion

Tobar 300 XP

Superior Defender Perk

20 The Local Flavor.jpg
Walking with Spirits The Ark & Dove Cathedral
Desmond 300 XP

Punga Power! Perk

20 Walking With Spirits.jpg
Hearing Voices The Ark & Dove Cathedral

Calvert Mansion
Sea Cave

Desmond 300 XP n/a
Thought Control Calvert Mansion

Pilgrim's Landing

Desmond 300 XP n/a
A Meeting of the Minds Calvert Mansion
Desmond Microwave Emitter 20 A Meeting of the Minds.jpg

[edit] Side Quests

Name Location Given by Reward
A Spoonful of Whiskey Marguerite's Shack Marguerite 300 Caps
An Antique Land USS Ozymandias Bysshe Energy Partners terminal 50 XP
Expedition supplies
Plik's Safari Coastal Grotto Plik 100 XP
The Dismemberer
The Dark Heart of Blackhall Blackhall Manor Obadiah Blackhall 1000 Caps

Good/Bad Karma

The Velvet Curtain The Homestead Motel Room 1D Terminal Backwater Rifle

[edit] New Weapons

Axe 20 n/a n/a 6
Backwater Rifle 52 10mm Round 7 10
Bio-Gas Canister 3 +5 for 5 seconds n/a n/a 0.5
Double-Barrel Shotgun 85 Shotgun Shell 2 6
Fertilizer Shovel -4 HP for 10 seconds n/a n/a 3
Lever-Action Rifle 40 10mm Rounds 10 8
Microwave Emitter 65 Microfusion Cells 5 8
Ritual Knife 6 n/a n/a 1
Shovel 12 n/a n/a 3
The Dismemberer 25 n/a n/a 6

[edit] New Armor

Name Damage


Weight Effects Value
Confederate Hat 1 1 +1 Perception 8
Cryptochromatic Spectacles 1 0 n/a 8
Grifter's Fit 2 2 +1 Charisma

+5 Small Guns

Pint-Sized Slasher Mask 1 2 -1 Perception

+5 Melee Weapons

Tribal Garb 12 5 n/a 75
Workman's Coveralls 2 2 +10 Repair 6

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