Plik's Safari

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Plik's Safari
Plik's Safari.jpg
Location(s) Coastal Grotto
Received by Plik
Reward(s) 100 XP

The Dismemberer

Related Quests n/a

Plik's Safari is a side-quest that the player is given access to after purchasing Point Lookout.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Finding Plik's Safari

The player must make their way to the Coastal Grotto, on the eastern side of the map. As you enter, go to the small room on the right. The player can find a number of items here. The player should also read Plik's Journal to gain the Ghoul Ecology Perk.

Continue moving down the pathway until you reach Plik. He will offer the player the chance to join his hunting club and participate in a "safari". However, he asks that you pay the 1000 caps entry fee. Pay him and ask to join in on the safari.

[edit] The Safari

Proceed through the door behind Plik. Here you will meet your fellow hunters, Jacob Humboldt and Rip Smithy. When you are ready, activate the switch in the center of the room.

The player will have to survive several waves of Feral Ghouls. These can range from Swamp Ghouls to Glowing Ones. Jacob and Rip will likely die in the onslaught. The Ghouls will attack from all four directions. It is recommended that the player lay out mines along the pathways.

It is worth noting that if the player equips the Ghoul Mask, the Ghouls will not attack you and your hunting party until you strike first.

[edit] The Reward

After defeating all waves of Ghouls, the safari ends. Exit the safari and speak with Plik. He will award the player with The Dismemberer and 100 xp. You can kill Plik to get your 100 caps back, along with an extra 800. Alternatively, the player can pick-pocket the caps.

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