Platinum Chip

Platinum Chip
Platinum Chip.PNG
A cartoon version of the Lucky 38 Platinum Chip
Weight: 1.00
Value: 3
Associated Quests: The House Always Wins

[edit] Description

The Platinum Chip is bigger than a standard size vegas chip and is made of pure platinum to protect the data stored inside. The data inside is the program used to upgrade the Securitron MK I robots to MK II. The Platinum Chip simply activates the MK II program giving the Securitrons a grenade and missile launcher weapon along with an auto repair system.

You can obtain the Platinum Chip by killing Benny in the quest "The House Always Wins" or by working for or killing Caesar in the quest "Render Unto Caesar"

[edit] Background

The chip was produced for Mr.House just before the Great War yet was lost in the nuclear holocaust. Due to it's tough platinum exterior it was able to survive the explosions. Mr.House spent thousands (approximately 890,000) caps to find the chip and once it was found he ordered it through The Mojave Express to keep a low profile. However Benny intercepted the chip in order to get The Tops chairmen as the leading family on the strip and control the mojave. He planned on using the Platinum Chip and the help of Yes Man to get Mr.House's upgraded securitron army and remove him from existence.

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