Pitt Raider


Pitt Raiders are Raiders that reside in The Pitt, although some can be seen fighting Wernher at the Radio Tower.

[edit] The Pitt

During the Pitt, the raiders, like the Raiders in Paradise Falls, are friendly until provoked. They are the dominant group in The Pitt, led by Ashur. They are also slavers, forcing their slaves to dig and find precious objects. The raiders are constantly looking for more slaves, as the existing group could turn into a Trog, or die out in the field. Because of this, the raiders formed a close bond with Paradise Falls as they had the only source of slaves.
When Lone Wanderer arrived, he/she was confiscated of all belongings minus the Pip-Boy 3000 and a concealed weapon and set to work in the Steel Yard. The Wanderer eventually was allowed to fight in The Hole, where he/she gained more resect from the raiders. The final part to get the cure for the trog infection was to steal Ashurs' baby, and is then given a chance to side with him, or with Ashur. If Wanderer sides with Wernher, the raiders (besides Everett) turn hostile towards him/ her.

[edit] Notes

  • Everett is the only raider that doesn't turn hostile irregardless of which side Lone Wanderer sides with as he is essential for the Mill Worker achievement.

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