Picking up the Trail

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Picking up the Trail
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Location(s) Citadel
Received by Owyn Lyons
Reward(s) Power Armor Training
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Picking up the Trail is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.

[edit] Quest Objectives

After entering the Citadel and hearing a discussion between Owyn Lyons and Dr. Li, you'll be introduced to Owyn personally. After talking about your dad and the G.E.C.K, he'll tell you to go find Scribe Rothchild who might have more information on the G.E.C.K. Head down to the Citadel Lab and talk to Rothchild, he'll tell you to check the Citadel's Vault-Tec terminal to see which one has a G.E.C.K. The terminal has a list of all the known Vaults in the Capital Wasteland, clicking on Vault 87 will complete this objective. Return to Rothchild and tell him about Vault 87, he will tell you that the main entrance is completely inaccessible due to high levels of Radiation, but he says you should check out Little Lamplight as their may be an underground entrance in there.

[edit] Little Lamplight

Will you be forced to travel through the Mutant infested Murder Pass?

Little Lamplight is located in the far west of the Capital Wasteland, close to Vault 87's main entrance. Upon entering the Lamplight Caverns you'll be stopped by a young boy called Major MacCready pointing a rifle at you and refusing to let you in. There are 3 ways to enter Little Lamplight:

Once inside you can ask Major MacCready about how to get to Vault 87, he'll tell you about the route through Muder Pass which is infested with Super Mutants. If you agree to take this route he'll show you the way and open the door for you. After battling your way through countless Super Mutants you reach Vault 87 and the quest will be complete.

An alternative is to ask Major MacCready about any other routes to Vault 87, he'll tell you about a back door that leads you straight there, but it's locked by a broken computer terminal. He says that you have to find a kid called Joseph to fix the computer terminal. Once the terminal has been fixed you'll need a Science skill of at least 50 to unlock the door. If you're able to unlock it, the quest will be completed as soon as you enter Vault 87.

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