Paving the Way

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Paving the Way
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Location(s) Field HQ
Received by General Chase
Related Quests Aiding the Outcasts

The Guns of Anchorage
Operation: Anchorage

The Guns of Anchorage is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Operation: Anchorage DLC expansion. This quest is available after destroying the three Artillery guns at the conclusion of The Guns of Anchorage quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Receiving Your Orders

After completing The Guns of Anchorage quest and traveling back to the U.S. Field HQ, you will be greeted by General Chase. He gives you a battlefield promotion and requests that you create a Strike Team. However, you can only use up to 5 Recruitment Markers so that you are not detected by Chinese radar sensors. You are able to choose between:

Afterward, you are given your objectives. You are to destroy a Chimera Tank Fuel Depot, a Listening Post and disable a Pulse Field. You are then told to report to Lieutenant Morgan, your intelligence officer during the course of your mission. Morgan will give you a Requisition Holotape to be given to the Quartermaster. These are used to request a weapon set. You can choose between:

Close Assault Loadout Package

Fire Team Loadout Package

Heavy Weapons Loadout Package

Sniper Loadout Package

After selecting your Loadout, you must hand the Requisition Tape to the Quartermaster. You are only able to change your Loadout once more, so choose wisely.

[edit] Reporting To Sergeant Montgomery

When you leave General Chase's Command Tent, you must report to Sergeant Montgomery. He is in command of your Strike Team. When talking to him, you can tell him where to go or to wait. You may also request replacements for you Strike Team in the vent that any are killed. You can tell him to send the Strike Team to either the Chimera Tank Fuel Depot or the Listening Post. If ordered to go to the Chimera Tank Fuel Depot, Sergeant Montgomery will wait outside the Ice Camp, waiting for you to give the attack order. If ordered to the Listening Post, he will wait outside the Mining Town.

Before you leave to attack either of your Objectives, be sure to talk to the Quartermaster to gain your weapon Loadout. If you can pass a Speech check, you can gain a Gauss Rifle and some Microfusion Cells.

[edit] Attacking the Chimera Tank Fuel Depot

The Fuel Depot

To reach the Chimera Tank Duel Depot, you must head left from the U.S. Fuel Depot. You will witness one of the American Soldiers executing four Chinese Soldiers with a 10mm Pistol. He puts a bullet through the back of each of their heads. Continue to the left and you will reach the Ice Camp. If Sergeant Montgomery was ordered to attack the Chimera Tank Fuel Depot, he will wait outside the Camp. While attacking the Camp you will encounter some Spider Drones and Chinese Soldiers. After dispatching them, continue to the Fuel Depot. You will encounter either one or two Chimera Tanks. If you have a Missile Launcher it will make the job easier. If haven't got any heavy weapons, walk around to the back of the Tank and attack its rear. After the Tanks have been destroyed, plant your explosive charges and watch the fireworks. You will be teleported back to the U.S. Field HQ after the completion of the Objective.

[edit] Attacking the Listening Post

The Listening Post

To reach the Listening Post, you must head right from the U.S. Field HQ. Before reaching the Listening Post, you need to clear out the Mini Town. You will witness an American Soldier being shot in the head by a Crimson Dragoon equipped with a Sniper Rifle. If you ordered Sergeant Montgomery and your Strike Team to attack the Listening Post, they will be waiting near two American Soldier, one of whom is killed. The area has a substantial amount of Crimson Dragoons and Chinese Soldiers, some of which are equipped with Launcher|Missile Launchers. After dispatching them, head towards the Listening Post. After dispatching the outside defenses, you Strike Team will defend the area while you and Sergeant Montgomery assault the Post. There are a few Crimson Dragoons lying in wait, ready to attack you unexpectedly. If any of the Chinese Engineers manage to reach a radio, they will signal for reinforcements. After doing this, you will have to fight some Crimson Dragoons on the roof. A small Chinese squad will attack your Strike Team while you are on the roof. Usually, your Strike Team will take them out with ease. After all Chinese Soldiers within the vicinity area dead, you will be teleported back to the U.S. Field HQ.

[edit] Your Next Mission

Once both of your Objectives are completed, you will be teleported back to the U.S. Field HQ. You will receive the Paving the Way Achievement. You will receive your next mission and the Operation: Anchorage Quest will begin.

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