Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret
Location(s) Andale
Received by Old Man Harris
Reward(s) Good Karma or daily Strange Meat Pie
Related Quests n/a

Our Little Secret is an unmarked side quest in Fallout 3. You can begin the quest by talking to Old Man Harris in Andale.

After talking to Harris go into the abandoned shack or the basement in the Smith's house. These doors require 100 Lockpick skill to pick, but the keys can be picked from Bill Wilson or Jack Smith. After exiting one of these areas you'll be confronted by the residents in the town. You can either kill the residents or pass a speech check for a free Strange Meat Pie every day from Linda Smith.

[edit] Notes

  • The Cannibal perk opens up a new dialogue option with the residents.
  • After the people are killed in the town the children will go live with Harris.
  • Most people pick-pocket the key from Billy or Jack by using a Stealth Boy
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