Operation: Anchorage Quest

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Operation: Anchorage
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Location(s) Anchorage
Received by General Chase
Reward(s) Access to the Outcast Outpost Armory
Related Quests Aiding the Outcasts

Paving the Way
The Guns of Anchorage

Operation: Anchorage is a quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Operation: Anchorage DLC expansion. This quest is available after destroying the Chimera Tank Fuel Depot and infiltrating the Listening Post during the Paving the Way quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Disable The Pulse Field

After destroying the Chimera Tank Fuel Depot and assaulting the Listening Post in the previous quest, you are now tasked with disabling the Pulse Field around the Chinese Compound that is preventing the American Power Armor Units from overrunning it. To accomplish this, you must head into the Trenches, with no one but Sergeant Montgomery accompanying you. As you navigate through the trenches you will encounter various Crimson Dragoons that are carrying Sniper Rifles and Chinese Soldiers, some equipped with Flamers. You must weave through the trench formations, dodging enemy attacks and Artillery fire. Some American Soldiers will come to your aid as you push further into Chinese territory. Once you reach the Pulse Field, you must disable it via the building on the right. Press the switch to disable the Pulse Field and allow the American Power Armor Units to cross the field.

[edit] Breaching the Chinese Compound

The Chinese Compound

Once the Pulse Field has been disabled, the American Power Armor Units will charge across the field and destroy the Chinese laser defenses. Two American Power Armor Units will blow open the Compound gate, with the help of Fat Men. After the gate has been destroyed, you must enter the Compound and put a stop to the Chinese invasion.

[edit] Defeat General Jingwei

After you enter the Chinese Compound, the American Power Armor Units and Sergeant Montgomery will engage the Chinese Soldiers in battle. As they fight, you will see General Jingwei execute an American Soldier with his sword, Jingwei's Shock Sword. If you can pass a Speech check, you can convince General Jingwei that there is no use in fighting as the Chinese forces have already been defeated. He will then proceed to take his own life with his Sword.

If you fail to pass the Speech check, you will have to engage him in battle. Jingwei is the toughest NPC in the game and will attack you with his Shock Sword, which does a large amount of damage. The best strategy would be to disarm him using V.A.T.S. Make sure to keep your distance and keep using Stimpaks.

After you have defeated General Jingwei, the American Power Armor Units and the Chinese Soldiers will cease their fighting. General Chase will enter the Chinese Compound and congratulate you on completing the Simulation. You will then leave the VS Simulation and return to the Outcast's Outpost.

[edit] Entering The VSS Armory

After you return to reality, you will exit the VS Simulation Pod and have now gained access to the VSS Armory. Head to the end of the hallway where all the other Outcasts have gathered. You can open the Armory via the nearby terminal. Outside the Armory, Protector McGraw and Defender Sibley will begin a heated argument over whether you should receive any reward over your part in opening the VSS Armory. McGraw believes that since the Armory couldn't be opened without your help, you should have access to the rewards. Sibley doesn't agree with his superior and stages a mutiny. All the Outcasts within the interior of the Outpost will attack Protector McGraw and Specialist Olin. If you save Protector McGraw, he will thank you and let you take whatever items you want from the Armory. If Specialist Olin is saved, she will give you her thanks and will repair your items, although she can only repair them to 51%.

Failure to protect McGraw will result in you being attacked by every Outcast outside of the Outpost.

[edit] Rewards

For your part in opening the VSS Armory and entering the VS Simulation, you are rewarded with whatever items you choose within the Armory.

Operation: Anchorage Exclusive Weapons & Armor

Other Weapons & Ammunition

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