Old Olney Sewers

Old Olney Sewers
Old Olney Sewer.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader n/a
Main Locals Deathclaws
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

Old Olney Sewers is located under Old Olney in Fallout 3. There are 2 ways of entering the sewer, you can go through a manhole cover located between to buildings in the southwestern corner of the town or you can stand on a trap door in the northeastern corner of the town, near the fire station. Once falling through the trap door you won't be able to jump out, you can either open the door to the Old Olney Sewers or you can fast travel away.

Just like Old Olney, the sewers are also crawling with Deathclaws, there's around 7 of them in total. You can get some help from a Protectron robot that can be activated in the sewer, however it's usefulness against a Deathclaw is laughable.

After adding the Broken Steel DLC pack, a ladder will be added in the sewer which leads to Old Olney Underground as part of the Shock Value quest.

[edit] Loot

  • Prototype Medic Power Armor - This is the most likely reason anyone would enter the the Old Olney Sewers. This Power Armor is a unique variation of the Brotherhood Power Armor that injects you with Med-X from your inventory whenever you health gets below 33%, it also has an on board computerized voice which will talk to you and alert you of any nearby enemies. The Medic Power Armor can be found on a dead Brotherhood Initiate in the far south of the sewers next to some Wastelander corpses, you can also find the Medic Power Armor Manual on his corpse.
  • Missile Launcher and Fat Man - If you enter the sewers from the manhole in the southwestern corner of Old Olney, these can be found in a room just east from where you entered.

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