Obadiah Blackhall


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Obadiah Blackhall
Obadiah Blackhall.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation N/A
Location Blackhall Manor
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests The Dark Heart of Blackhall
Drops Items:



Obadiah Blackhall is a character that was added with the Point Lookout DLC.

When you first meet him he's in a wheelchair, but after the completion of the quest you can see him walk.

[edit] The Dark Heart of Blackhall

The Dark Heart of Blackhall can be started from talking to Obadiah inside Blackhall Manor. He is first shown sitting down, stating that he preferred speaking to others while sitting rather than standing. Obadiah will then ask The Lone Wanderer for a favor; some swampfolk had stolen his book The Krivbeknih and he wants it back. Outside, a woman tells The Wanderer that the book is bad and to destroy it.

You can either give the book to Obadiah, or destroy it inside the Dunwich Building. If the book is given to Obadiah, he'll walk off to his basement, where he'll start worshipping a dead swampfolk that seems to have been stabbed.

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