Oasis Druid Hood

Oasis Druid Hood
Oasis Druid Hood.png
Damage Resistance 2
Weight 1
Cost 6 Caps
Effects: n/a

The Oasis Druid Hood is an item in Fallout 3 that can be obtained from the settlement of Oasis (the Treeminders), or from the Drifter in the Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.

No one else in the Capital Wasteland has the hood except for the NPC's mentioned above, so they're pretty rare. The hood can only be repaired with themselves, or by a merchant.

A unique version of the hood, the Poplar's Hood, can be a possible reward from the Oasis Quest.

[edit] Notes

  • If the player has large hair a glitch will cause the hair to appear above the hood.

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