Nuka Grenade

Nuka Grenade
Nuka Grenade 2.png
Maximum Damage 500
Damage Type Explosive
Ammo Type n/a
Ammo Capacity n/a
Weight 0.5

The Nuka Grenade is a powerful projectile weapon in Fallout 3. It is a custom weapon, and can therefore be created by the player provided that they have the weapon Schematics and the required materials. The Nuka Grenade is the most powerful grenade in the game, having an explosion radius much larger than a normal Frag Grenade.

[edit] Materials

The required materials are as follows:

Because there are a limited amount of Quantum in the game, it may be a good idea for the player to get the Quantum Chemist perk if they wish to regularly use this weapon.

[edit] Schematics

The schematics for this weapon can be found in the following locations:

The more schematics you have, the better damage and condition of the weapon. In the case of the Nuka Grenade and the Bottlecap Mine, with each schematic found, the more you can make in one go (e.g. 2 bottlecap mine schematics: 2 mines)

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