New California Republic

New California Republic
Founder: Tandi
Leader(s): Tandi
Location(s): Across the West
New Vegas
Hoover Dam
McCarran Airport

First making an appearance in Fallout 2, the NCR or New California Republic is a faction that is set to make another appearance in Fallout: New Vegas.


[edit] Backround

The faction was started when four groups escaped Vault 15 (an overpopulated vault due to the Enclave's experiments) to settle out into the wastes. Three of the groups become raiders, but the last one settled in a small town. The area began to prosper and over time more and more settlements were popping up near this town. Californian towns then united and started trade with one another. They then established a small military power, which grew to the largest faction in the Fallout series.

The flag has the faction name on it and a picture of a two headed bear. The two headed bear comes from the bear on the Californian flag.

[edit] Military Power

The NCR is the largest faction in the Wasteland. Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel or Powder Gangers, they can create their own ammunition and weapons. They also have their own type of power armor. In New Vegas they control parts of the city, including the New Vegas Airport, the McCarren Airport.

In Fallout 2 the NCR had great military power, even surpassing the Enclave. Unlike the other factions in the Wastes, the NCR don't seek the betterment of their faction, and instead try to create order in the Wasteland.

They are known to accept Ghoul's and even Super Mutants into their ranks, the NCR does not discriminate.

[edit] Relations with other Factions

In New Vegas, the Brotherhood of Steel and the NCR have an unsteady alliance. However, back then the two factions were at war. Because of the NCR's fast growing numbers tension rose between the two factions, and finally, (according to the game Van Buren) both sides declared war on each other.

Because the west coast brotherhood only accepts people that were born into their faction, their numbers dwindled. The Brotherhood was forced to surrender due to their lack of soldiers.

The NCR is at war with Caesar's Legion in New Vegas, and the Powder Gangers. It is unknown if the NCR is at war with the Enclave.

[edit] NCR Rangers

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NCR Rangers Logo

The NCR Rangers is a division in the NCR. They operate similar to the rangers of the West. The Rangers have better armor and weapons than standard NCR soldiers and are hand picked and ready to do fight their sworn enemies, the slavers. They are the lawbringers in the Midwest and is a force to be reckoned with.

[edit] Notes

  • There is an NCR soldier standing behind a flag in the New Vegas teaser trailer.
  • The NCR's main enemy in New Vegas is Caesar's Legion

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