New California Rangers

NCR Rangers
Founder: Tandi
Leader(s): Tandi
Location(s): Across the Midwest; Mojave Desert

The NCR or New California Rangers are an elite hand-picked team of soldiers selected by the NCR. This sub-faction appears in Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas. They operate similar to the Arizona or Texas Rangers, and are sent to the border of the NCR to bring order.

Rangers are given the best weapons and gear from the NCR to fight slavers and criminals. The soldiers are given strong Combat Armor (in some cases Power Armor), big guns like Miniguns and Missile Launchers, small guns like Assault Rifles, and even heavily armored vehicles, all in mint condition. They are feared throughout the Midwest, even by the slavers.

The New California Rangers are known to have numerous safe houses with ammunition and weapons in them across the Wastes, an important one being near New Reno in Fallout 2.

Ghouls, Super Mutants, and other mutated humans (due to FEV or Radiation) are known to serve in the Rangers. The NCR does not discriminate.

[edit] Joining the NCR Rangers

In Fallout 2 the player could join the NCR rangers if he/she did not have a record of bad deeds in the Wastes. In Fallout: New Vegas the player got the option to work for the NCR, but not officially join their ranks.

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