Naughty Nightwear

Naughty Nightwear
Naughty Nightwear.jpg
Damage Resistance 1
Weight 1
Cost 200
  • +1 Luck
  • +10 Speech
  • Naughty Nightwear is an elusive piece of clothing found in Fallout 3. It gives +1 Luck and +10 Speech. It's found in Marigold Metro Station during the following unmarked quest;

    [edit] Grady's Package

    Main Article: Grady's Package

    The nightwear is the package which must be found during this quest. The reward is the Naughty Nightwear, which the player can choose to sell to Ronald Laren for 200 Caps (300 with a speech check). Ronald wants the nightwear to try and seduce Sierra Petrovita

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