Museum Station

Museum Station
Museum Station.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Washington D.C.
Connects to Metro Central
Anacostia Crossing Station
Museum of Technology
Museum of History
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

Museum Station is a metro station in Fallout 3 that connects to Anacostia Crossing Station, Metro Central, Museum of History, and the Museum of Technology. The station is basically an underground passageway between the two museums and is used by players as such.

Players of have the option of traveling through a series of metro tunnels (which this station is a part of) to get to far-away places like Rivet City. Note that enemies like Raiders are encountered in this and most of the series of metro tunnels and can be dangerous in large numbers.

[edit] Notable Loot

[edit] Notes

  • A couple of players have reported Stealth Boys in the metro.

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