Murphy's Bombing Run

Murphy's Bombing Run
Bombing Run.PNG
Location(s) Northwest Seneca Station
Received by Murphy
Reward(s) 15 caps for every Sugar Bomb
The ability to buy Ultrajet
Related Quests n/a

Murphy's Bombing Run is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. It is a repeatable quest.

In the Northwest Seneca Station, you can bring Sugar Bombs to Murphy for 15 caps a piece, or double if you pass a speech check. After bringing in eight boxes of Sugar Bombs, Murphy will sell you Ultrajet for seventy caps, a new type of Jet.

[edit] Notes

  • You can steal Murphy's inventory of Ultrajet from his footlocker in his lab (pickpocketing his key), after he creates it. However if you have not turned in any Sugar bombs there will be nothing inside.
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