Race Ghoul
Affiliation Barrett
Location Northwest Seneca Station
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Wasteland Surgeon Outfit
Glasses Weapons:
10mm SMG

Murphy is a Ghoul scientist in Fallout 3. You can find him by entering Northwest Seneca Station. His main goal is to stop people from stealing his 'secrets' and finding Sugar Bombs for Ultra Jet (which is his secret). He has a bodyguard named Barrett.

[edit] Murphy's Bombing Run

Main Article: Murphy's Bombing Run

Murphy created Ultrajet, a stronger type of Jet. Because ghouls are largely unaffected by chems, Murphy wanted to create a drug that could affect humans and ghouls alike. The problem is, the last ingredient is rare and very hard to find, Sugar Bombs. That's where the player comes in.

[edit] Notes

  • Murphy approaches the player in the Seneca Station, and asks if you want to steal his secrets. Saying no will activate the unmarked quest above, saying yes will cause him to end dialogue. Talking to him again will cause Barrett to fire upon you.
  • Killing him nets you bad karma.
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