Mister Gutsy

Mr. Gutsy
Mr. Gutsy.png
Race Robot
Affiliation Mr. Handy
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Mister Gutsy is a militarized version of the Mister Handy robot variant. Both are similar in appearance; they both have a spherical head with four "arms" connected to it, and they both hover above the ground. The Mister Gutsy model has a plasma based weapon on the tip of each of its' four arms; this is how it attacks. The Mister Gutsy also sports a green military paint job with a white star.

Mister Gutsy is an upgraded version of the Mister Handy series of robot that was used for civilian purposes. The Mister Gutsy class was designed for military purposes within the U.S. Army. The polite English voice found on the Mister Handy robot has been replaced with a WWII-era drill sergeant voice. They have an advanced AI, compared to the Mister Handy and are more "soldiery" in nature.

Enclave Mister Gutsy

The Enclave and Outcasts both use Mister Gutsy robots, with their own unique colour scheme.

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