Location Capital Wasteland
Resident Arkansas
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Benson House

Gibson House
Gillian House
Zane House

Related Quests: The Wasteland Survival Guide

Strictly Business

Minefield is a small town that used to be inhabited by people a hundred years after the bombs dropped. However, the settlement was attacked, and everyone either died or got sold into slavery. Arkansas was the only survivor, and to this day he watches over his abandoned town and shoots anyone in the area with his Sniper Rifle.

Like the name suggests, Minefield is surrounded by Frag Mines, probably set up by Arkansas himself. Since there are also cars that are able to explode in the area, the player should be cautious.

Disarming the mines can give the player a good amount of XP and profit early on in the game.


[edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

Main Article: The Wasteland Survival Guide

The Wasteland Survival Guide is a quest that Moira Brown from Craterside Supply can give you in Megaton. One of the little missions in the quest is going to the center of Minefield, and bringing her back a disarmed frag mine (optional).

[edit] Strictly Business

Main Article: Strictly Business

The quest Strictly Business is assigned by Grouse in Paradise Falls. Grouse asks you to capture all the people on his VIP list. Arkansas is one of them, but the player would have probably killed him early on the game.

[edit] Loot

  • There is a lot of good loot in Minefield, specifically in all the houses in the area. Each house at least has two Pre-War Books and Stimpaks.
  • The mines in the area can be disarmed for a good profit.
  • There are a couple of ammo cases (one of them locked) in Arkansas's sniper tower.

[edit] Notes

  • Minefield is actually a common nickname for the town, its real name is Ridgefield, evident by one of Arkansas's keys being name the Ridgefield Gate Key.

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