Mill Worker

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Mill Worker
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Location(s) Steel Yard
Received by Everett
Reward(s) Tribal Power Armor


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Mill Worker is a side-quest that the player is given access to after starting the Unsafe Working Conditions quest.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Steel Yard (79)

1.(2) The first two ingots are located beside a dead slave as the player enters the Steel Yard.

2.(2) The next two ingots are in the first dumpster near the trailer with a couch on top of it.

3.(2) There are also two more ingots in the dumpster to the left of the previous dumpster.

4.(3) The player can find three more in the smaller dumpster next to the third large one. To the left of this dumpster is a dead slave.

5.(2) The player must now move up the stairs to the left of the dumpsters. After jumping over the broken fence, turn right and then left. There are two ingots near some overturned barrels.

6.(2) Follow the ledge outside of the fence north. The player should see two more ingots atop of a freight car.

7.(3) Continue moving across the freight cars to the east and jump into a dumpster. Here the player will find three more ingots.

8.(2) The player will now need to proceed up the stairs near the dumpsters from earlier. Turn left here, and you will see a small building to your right. Sitting on a shelf are two more ingots.

9.(2) After getting the two on the shelf, head south through the gate. Continue forward until you see a large dumpster. The player will need to walk up the stairs on top of the building to the left. They will then need to jump off and land inside the dumpster. The player will find two ingots here.

10.(2) Jump from the dumpster over the fence to the south. Continue moving right until you reach a dead end. The player should find a dead slave with two ingots.

11.(2) Turn around and jump on top of the generator. Use the plank to climb over the fence and walk back over to the stairs used to climb the building to access the dumpster. The player will need to head north. Here, the player will find a Trog beside some dead bodies. The player will find two ingots here.

12.(3) Move along the path east and turn right until you find the gate. Open it and turn left. Proceed to move down the hill to find 3 ingots near a dead slaver.

13.(3) Turn left and continue moving to the radiated barrels. The player will find three ingots. Be careful as there are three Trogs in the vicinity.

14.(2) Move to the end of the barrels and turn left. Move up the stairs and jump onto the building. The player will see a makeshift bridge at the end on the roof. Halfway across the bridge the player will find two ingots.

15.(2) Cross the bridge and head west.The player will find a dead slave. Move around the corner to find two more ingots on a lower roof.

16.(2) Drop down from this roof to find two more ingots.

17.(2) Move around the corner and proceed south. Behind the stairs the player can find two more ingots.

18.(2) Move south and the player will see a set of stairs to the right. Walk up the stairs and the player will find two more ingots. Beside the ingots is a dead slave called Bill. The player can loot Wild Bill's Sidearm from his body.

19.(2) Continue up the stairs and kill the three Wildmen. Inside their makeshift shack are two more ingots.

20.(2) Move across the big pipe and turn left. The player can see three Trogs on an adjacent pipe waiting to ambush the player. Move on to the catwalk and use it to jump onto a pipe running parallel to the catwalk. Continue along the pipe until it turns right. Here the player will find a Trog. Kill it and take the two ingots.

21.(4) Walk back to the catwalk. At the wooden planks, drop down to the building below and move to the western roof. Drop to the ground and continue north. Move around the corner of the building and turn left at the alley. There will be a mining cart with four ingots inside.

22.(2) Move north to the wall. Follow it to the east until you reach a fence. Continue following the fence around a corner to the right. The player will see some barrels and a dead slave. Two ingots are nearby.

23.(4) Turn around and continue back south as far as possible. Move up the stairs, past the Wildmen shack and up to the catwalk where you dropped down from earlier. This time, don't drop down. Continue up the stairs then move west and then up more stairs. Turn left at the top and turn right. The player will find four ingots in the northwest corner.

24.(12) Move to the edge of the roof and walk up the stairs to the top of the structure. Here the player will find twelve ingots.

25.(7) On the way back down the player will see a long bridge heading east. Drop down onto it and follow it to the end. Here the player will find seven more ingots.

26.(4) Drop down and move back to the roof with the domes on top of it. Move south until you reach a chain-link fence. Look down from the edge of the roof and you will see a small roof with three more domes. The player will need to make their way down to there. It is recommended dropping down if you have enough HP. It is recommended that the player take some Med-X to improve damage resistance. The player will find a Trog. Kill it and take the four ingots near the dead slave.

27.(2) Move back to where the freight cars are. Continue moving northeast and move to the collapsed tunnel. The player will find two more ingots. Be careful, as Trogs will attack you after taking them.

[edit] Supply Plant (18)

1.(3) Move back near the freight cars. The player will find some Protectrons. Near the robots the player will find a door. Enter here and move to the second room to find three more ingots.

2.(8) Proceed to the lower levels of the factory. Continue along the tracks and take the hallway to the right. The player will find some Wildmen. After dealing with them, search the nearby mining cart to find eight ingots.

3.(6) Move to the hallway to the left. The player will find a locked door to the right. Do not break this lock. Doing some will make it impossible to find all ingots. Pick the lock and take the six ingots inside.

4.(1) Move up the stairs until you reach a room with a bed. On the dress the player can find an ingot.

[edit] Abandoned Area (3)

1.(3) The player will need to move to the Abandoned Area that connects the Steel Yard with The Mill. The caged fence will now be ripped open by a Trog. After dealing with it, the player will find the final three ingots inside the mining cart.

[edit] Rewards

The player can return the ingots to Everett for the following rewards:

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