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Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Downtown
Appearances The Pitt
Related Quest Unsafe Working Conditions
Drops Items:



Midea is a slave working in the Downtown area of The Pitt, the rest of the slaves look to her as their leader. When you first meet Werhner he says you have to find Midea to continue the quest, she can be found in her house or around the streets of Downtown. An alternative route is to kill the Slavers that are guarding The Pitt entrance, then once inside The Pitt you'll be beaten up and stripped of everything in your inventory, once you regain consciousness Midea will be standing over you asking if you're okay.

If you decide to steal the cure from Ashur (which turns out to be his baby daughter) then Midea will look after the baby. You can bring Midea any toys you find in the wasteland for the baby to help speed up the progression of the cure.

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