Maximum Damage 1
Damage Type Energy
Ammo Type Mesmetron Power Cell
Ammo Capacity 5
Weight 2
Value 500 Caps

The Mesmetron is a weapon that can be used to enslave NPC's, providing the player also has a Slave Collar. The gun can make an NPC's head explode and can also make an NPC go into a frenzy killing everyone around them. The gun also has the ability to stun certain NPCs. You can take their things and talk to them when they are stunned.

The Mesmetron uses Mesmetron Power Cells. The gun only uses that ammo, and it can only be obtained in Paradise Falls. The weapon is extremely useful, and can be exploited to get around obstacles in the game.

[edit] Strictly Business

Main Article: Strictly Business

The Paradise Falls guard Grouse gives it to you if you choose to accept the quest.

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