Location Ultra-Luxe
New Vegas
Affiliation: Leader:White Glove Society
Type: Female Caucasian, Human
Appearances Fallout: New Vegas
Related Quests Beyond the beef
Wild Card: Side Bets
ID: base id: 0010d4e7

ref id: 0010d4f1
Travel id: prid 0010D4F1 moveto player

[edit] Majorie

Majorie is the founder/resurrection-er of the White Glove Society. After Being hired my Robert Edwin House to help bring the New Vegas Strip back to its original form after the Atomic War of 2077. She then rose the Ultra-Luxe from its old form and name. Thus making the White Glove Society along with it. Marjrie is a non-respawning NPC, that is kill-able, but only ressurectable through console commands. She is found waiting in the Gourmand the Ultra-Luxe's very own restaurant. As she enjoys seeing the reactions of their customers.

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