Marigold Station

Marigold Station
Marigold Station.jpg
Location Grayditch
Resident(s) Doctor Lesko
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Those!

Marigold Station is a metro station in Fallout 3, located in the town of Grayditch. The station is filled with deadly Fire Ants, due to Doctor Leskos experiments. The furthest south of the metro is the Queen Ant's Hatchery, home of the Fire Ant Queen.

The fire ants in the area are extremely aggressive and the player should use caution. This is a very good place to get Fire Ant Nectar for the unmarked quest Nectar Collecting for Fun and Profit.


[edit] Grady's Package

Main Article: Grady's Package

The corpse of the man Grady can be found here, near the escalators. His note Grady's Last Recording can be found not far from the body, the holotape tells you the location of a safe with Naughty Nightwear and the key. A hostile NPC named Lug-Nut will approach the player if he/she takes it.

[edit] Those!

Main Article: Those!

In the quest Those! Bryan Wilks begs the player to find his father Fred Wilks. After he/she finds him dead the player has to go down to this station and fix the fire ant problem by approaching the Fire Ant Queen.

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