Lyons' Pride

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Lyons' Pride is an elite unit of Brotherhood of Steel members. They are led by Sentinel Sarah Lyons, Elder Lyons own daughter, and are situated in the East Coast, Capital Wasteland. Their base of operations is the Citadel.

They are equipped with the best weapons the Brotherhood has to offer. Their armaments range from Gatling Lasers to Sniper Rifles. The main objective of Lyons' Pride is to reinforce areas under heavy Super Mutant attack. They also lead excursions into heavily infested Mutant areas.

Lyons' Pride has a badge the differs from ordinary members of the Brotherhood. The badge removes the Cogs and replaces them with a Lion Rampant that covers most of the sword.

The meeting place for the Pride, is the Great Hall, found in the Citadel. The Great Hall has a round table that accustoms 15 seats. The main entrance is always guarded by two Brotherhood Knights. The Pride have a specialised area for relaxing, called The Den, also found in the Citadel.

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