Lying, Congressional Style

Lying, Congressional Style
Lying Congressional Style.JPG
Effects +1 Speech
Weight 2
Value 50 Caps

Lying, Congressional Style is a skill book that can be found throughout the Wasteland. It improves your Speech skill by +1. If combined with the Comprehension Perk, the player receives +2.

It is somewhat rarer that most of the other Skill Books, as their are only 24 of them, as opposed to the 25 of almost all of the others.

It is suggested that the player only improves their Speech skill to anywhere between 50-75, as the skill books and Speech Bobblehead can be used in place of skill points.

There actually is another Lying, Congressional Style in the game, under the name of Paradise Lost. To retrieve it, the player must talk to Tulip in the Underworld. She gives you the book for free. It improves the players Speech skill the same as any other Skill Book.

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