Lucy Palmer

Lucy Palmer
Old Lady Palmer.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Vault 101
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:


Vault 101 Jumpsuit


Lucy Palmer is a resident of Vault 101 and the grandmother of Jonas Palmer and mother of Anne Palmer. She is friendly towards the player.

She celebrates the players 10th birthday and give you a Sweetroll as a gift. During the party she constantly drops hints that the Vault has been opened previously and mentions that the Vault used to be more crowded. She is against the Overseer's rules and secrets. She even says, "Why, I have half a mind to just up and tell you..." She subtly drops hints that the players father James isn't from the Vault and is in fact an outsider. Eventually this fact is revealed, including that of which the player wasn't born in the Vault.

Her daughter, Anne was the leader of a Vault exploration team that was sent into the Wasteland.

[edit] Trouble on the Homefront

Main Article: Trouble on the Homefront

During the quest she tells the player that her son Jonas died suspiciously and that she has joined Amata's rebels. She thinks that the Overseer was responsible for Jonas' death.

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