Linden's Outcast Power Armor

Linden's Outcast Power Armor
Linden's Outcast Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 40
Weight 45
Cost 740
  • Strength +1
  • Agility -1
  • Radiation Resistance +10%
  • Big Guns +5
  • Linden's Outcast Power Armor is a unique variation of the Outcast Power Armor in Fallout 3. Wearing the armor will increase Strength by +1, Big Guns by +5, Radiation Resistance by +10 and it will also decrease your Agility by -1. It can be repaired with any other Outcast armor as well as Brotherhood and Tribal Power Armor.

    It belongs to Branchtender Linden who is a former Outcast member that was saved from a Deathclaw by a tribe known as the Treeminders. After being rescued, he gave up working as an Outcast and the Treeminders.

    [edit] Oasis Quest

    Main Article: Oasis Quest

    You can obtain Linden's Outcast Power Armor by using the growth enhancer on Harold's heart during this quest. Talk to Lindin after the quest and he'll give it to you as a reward.

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